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Dermal Fillers/Soft Tissue Fillers

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What are fillers?

Dermal/Facial fillers are usually hyaluronic acid-based products. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in your body. High concentrations are found in the connective tissue. Dermal fillers injected into the face increase skin firmness. Soft tissue augmentation uses injectable dermal filler to treat fine to deep wrinkles in the nasolabial folds, smile lines, oral commissures and scars. The lip area can also be augmented and the face can be contoured.

What does a filler treatment look like?

You will have a consultation and evaluation of your facial appearance. Your face will be examined and the areas to be augmented will be marked to use as a guideline to the appropriate injection sites for the filler.

The area will be cleaned with an antibacterial agent and a topical anaesthetic may be used to numb the injection site. Most filler now contain lidocaine, an anaesthetic so the procedure is relatively painless.

The marks will be washed away and you will be offered an ice pack to reduce any minor and temporary discomfort. You must be careful not to rub or apply pressure to the treated areas. Doing so may result in movement of the dermal filler.  You will experience swelling and bruising may occur.

How long with the results last?

It is important to realize dermal fillers are not permanent. The way your face continues to age and the way your body absorbs the fillers will determine the timing of repeat treatments. If you decide to stop having dermal fillers injected your face will return to its original condition wrinkles will return and plumped lips will lose their volume.

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